Now Featuring the Bayside Cove Community Contact List!

Hello all, it is finally here. Below is the link to access the Bayside Cove Voluntary Contact List. Management has contacted each person who supplied their contact information and provided a password to allow access to the contact list. This list will be restricted to residents that provide their contact information to be shared. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSWORD.

If you would like to join the voluntary contact list you can email your manager
at [email protected] with:
Your name
Unit Address
Phone Number

Once those are received, they will be added to the list and you will be given the password to access it. Please be respectful of others personal information.

Clean Up After Your Dogs

It has been brought to Management’s attention that there is an increased amount of dog feces not being picked up by their owners. Please ensure that if you are walking your dog, that you pick up after them. Please communicate this notice to your tenants, if you have them, so that this message reaches them. Help keep Bayside Cove looking clean and beautiful all year round.

Parking Rule Change Approved

Official Notice of Rule Change

September 28, 2017

Dear Bayside Cove Community Association Homeowner:

The Board of Directors has approved the following rule regarding parking in the community for Section X:

  1. Resident or guest vehicles must be parked only in parking spaces which have been marked/striped for vehicular parking. Parking is prohibited on streets, turnarounds and except for temporary loading or unloading, in front of garages. This parking prohibition includes the driveways of 984, 976, and 994. Vehicles parked outside of marked/striped parking spaces, or in any other area in which parking is not authorized will be subject to immediate tow at the vehicle owner’s expense. All outside parking is primarily for Guest Parking. Residents and guests are allowed to park in Guest Parking on a temporary basis which shall be defined as no more than three (3) days in a calendar month. The Patrol Service will inventory (record) each vehicle in Guest Parking each night. After a Vehicle is inventoried three (3) times in a calendar month, it will be cited on the fourth (4th) day with a notice the vehicle is in violation and subject to tow. On the fifth (5th) day in the calendar month, it will be towed and each night thereafter within the calendar month at the vehicle owner’s expense.
  2. If a guest will be staying longer than three days, or if a resident is requesting permission to park outside longer than temporarily (as defined in Rules No. 2 above), a “safe list” request must be submitted. This is accomplished by contacting the Property Management company or the current Patrol Service. You will need to provide the vehicle make, model, license plate number, and name of registered owner, as well as the overnight dates you are requesting. If the request is approved, you will receive a confirmation code to be placed in the vehicle in plain sight at all times while the vehicle is parked in guest parking. A guest’s car may not be safe listed for more than seven (7) days in a thirty (30) day period without board approval.
  3. Garage doors should be closed at all times, when not in use for entry/exit or temporary loading and unloading.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at (949) 838-3280 or [email protected].

On Behalf of the Board of Directors,
Bayside Cove Community Association

Karen Lua
Community Association Manager

New Property Manager

The Bayside Cove Association has a new Property Manager. Welcome, Karen Lua to the community! Maggie looks forward to working with the Bayside Cove Board of Directors, homeowners, and vendors to ensure your peaceful community is maintained to the standard to which you’ve become accustomed.

Safe Listing Vehicles For Guest Overnight Parking


Should you have out of town guests and they need to park overnight in the community, be sure and call your property manager Adrian Robertson at Keystone Pacific to put the vehicle on a safe-list. Otherwise the vehicle will get a citation and may get towed without warning at the vehicle owner’s expense. Be prepared to give the make, model, color and license plate number to Keystone Pacific. Please contact Adrian Robertson at (949) 838-3202 or by email at [email protected]. Keystone Pacific’s normal business hours are Monday through Friday,  9 am to 5 pm. For after-hour emergencies, please call (949) 833-2600.

Bayside Cove’s New Community Website

We are excited to announce Bayside Cove ‘s newly designed community website.

Our website’s new look, user-friendly navigation and responsive design are just some of the new features you will enjoy.

Residents can obtain the latest newsletter, board meeting minutes, forms, community rules and regulations and much more! Also, the management contact information is located under the Contacts Section titled Keystone Pacific. Don’t forget, you can also check your billing account by accessing the View Statement/Pay Bill page under the Navigation Menu.

The KPPM Connection

The KPPM Connection is an online tool that offers enhanced homeowner services. Using the portal, you can:


  • Make Online Payments
  • View Current and Previous Statements and Billing Inserts
  • Print Account History Reports
  • View and Update Enhanced Email Notification Features

Please click here to visit The KPPM Connection! Please log in using your account online email address and password. If you have not registered, please have your billing statement available to enter in the required information. If you need assistance, please contact Customer Care at (949) 833-2600 or [email protected].

For added convenience, we also offer an ACH program in which your monthly assessment payments are automatically deducted from your checking or savings account. You will no longer have to remember when to pay your payment, write a check, or pay for any more postage! To sign up, please click here to download the ACH form.